Transformation of Religions as Reflected in Javanese Texts

‘Transformation of Religions as Reflected in Javanese Texts’, a joint project of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and KITLV, aims at analyzing texts that may help to clarify religious change in Java between the 9th and 19th centuries. The project includes the building of a database of Javanese and Old Javanese texts while also a number of international seminars will be held.

Texts in Javanese and Old Javanese form a rich source of information on religion and religious change in Java. Many ideas found expression through a great variety of texts of a religious, literary, historical or other nature. However, only a very small part of this source has been tapped; many texts still await exploration. At the same time, the number of people who can read them is small. The project hopes to arouse scholarly interest by making access easier. Presently, printed material is being selected for digitization. It is hoped that in the future also handwritten material can be added to the list.


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Related Researchers

Willem van der Molen (project coordinator and researcher)
Toru Aoyama (researcher)
Oman Fathurahman (researcher)
Sumio Fukami (researcher)
Eni Sri Budi Lestari (researcher)
Koji Miyazaki (researcher)
Hideo Sawada (researcher)
Asako Shiohara (researcher)
Yumi Sugahara (researcher)
Miho Yamasaki (researcher)

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