Berenschot, Dr. Ward

Ward Berenschot is a postdoc at KITLV researching local democracy, clientelism and identity politics in India and Indonesia. His Veni research project ‘Shades of Clientelism: A Comparative Study of Indonesia’s Patronage Democracy’ compares clientelistic practices throughout Indonesia.

Berenschot studied political science at the University of Amsterdam, where he also obtained his PhD cum laude with a dissertation on Hindu-Muslim violence in India. As a lecturer in conflict studies, he taught courses on political violence, ethnic conflict and conflict transformation. He has managed a collaborative research project with UNDP and World Bank on Access to Justice in Indonesia, and worked with Open Society Institute as well as Dutch development agencies on civil society building and legal aid.

Berenschot is the author of Riot Politics: India’s Hindu-Muslim Violence and the Everyday Mediation of the State (Hurst/Columbia University Press 2011) and several other publications on ethnic violence, public service delivery and access to justice. At KITLV Berenschot also coordinates the KNAW-SPIN research program ‘From Clients to Citizens? Emerging Citizenship in Democratizing Indonesia’. Using his recent fieldwork on election campaigns in Indonesia, he is currently working on a book manuscript on Indonesia’s patronage democracy


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Full report workshop ‘New Law, New Villages? Changing rural Indonesia’

Selected Publications

Aspinall, Edward, & Berenschot, Ward (forthcoming fall 2018).  Democracy for sale: Elections, clientelism and the state in Indonesia. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

Berenschot, Ward (2018), ‘The political economy of clientelism: A comparative study of Indonesia’s patronage democracy’, Comparative Political Studies.

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Berenschot, Ward, Hanani, Retna, & Sambodho, Prio (2018), ‘Brokers and citizenship: Access to health care in Indonesia’, Journal of Citizenship Studies 22(2).

Berenschot, W. (2015). Clientelism, Trust Networks, and India’s Identity Politics: Conveying Closeness in Gujarat. Critical Asian Studies47(1), 24-43.

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