Jong, MA Rosa de

Rosa de Jong is a researcher at KITLV participating in the research project on the Colonial and Slavery Past of the City of Rotterdam. She is also the final editor of Holland Historisch Tijdschrift.

Rosa received two bachelor degrees, in Philosophy and in History at the University of Amsterdam, which were followed by the Research Master in History at the same university. She did research on a group of mainly Jewish refugees, who arrived in Paramaribo, Suriname during the Second World War. Her master thesis analyzed their stay and life in the colony. She did grant-funded research in Suriname and the United States in different archives and she interviewed multiple survivors.

During her studies she was an intern at the KITLV to conduct research on five important Surinamese women for Els Kloek’s publication 1001 vrouwen in de twintigste eeuw. She was editor in chief of Skript Historisch Tijdschrift and part of the organizing board of DRIFT Wijsgerig Festival.

Selected Publications

‘Gangaram Panday, Tulawati Devi (1948-2016)’, in: Els Kloek (red.), 1001 vrouwen in de twintigste eeuw. Vantilt, 2018.

‘Bruyning, Alexandrina Paulina (1896-1980)’, in: Els Kloek (red.), 1001 vrouwen in de twintigste eeuw. Vantilt, 2018.

‘Een geslaagde oral history van Friese walvisvaarders’, Skript Historisch Tijdschrift 40.4. 2018.

‘Joodse bronnen over Nederlandse vluchtelingen in Suriname’, Archievenblad 5. 2018.

(With Pouwel van Schooten) ‘Onder het asfalt van de moderniteit liggen de karrensporen van de negentiende eeuw’, interview with Prof. dr. Beatrice de Graaf, Skript Historisch Tijdschrift 40-3. 2018.

(With Pouwel van Schooten) ‘Voorbij goed en fout dankzij liminaliteit’, interview with Prof. dr. Ismee Tames, Skript Historisch Tijdschrift 40-1. 2018.

In staat tot natuur, Wijsgerig festival DRIFT 2016, 265 pp. Omnia, 2017. (Editor in chief).

‘Gewone helden faciliteren een ongewone vluchtroute’, Skript Historisch Tijdschrift 39-4. 2017.

(With Annelot Janse) ‘Terrorisme is nooit ons ding geweest’, interview with Ronald Augustin, Skript Historisch Tijdschrift 38-3. 2016.

De chaos tegemoet, Wijsgerig festival DRIFT 2015,  163 pp. Omnia, 2016. (Editor).

Onder invloed, Wijsgerig festival DRIFT 2014, 169 pp. Omnia, 2015. (Editor).

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