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Rotmeijer, MA Sanne

Sanne Rotmeijer is a PhD Candidate at KITLV and the Department of Journalism and New Media, Leiden University. Her research which is part of the ‘Confronting Caribbean Challenges’ project, focuses on how news media practice and interpret journalism in the communities of Curaçao and St. Maarten in light of local Caribbean realities in a globalizing world. In 2015/16 Sanne did 10 months of fieldwork at newsrooms of newspapers, and among Facebook journalists and news bloggers on the two islands. Building on previous research in news anthropology, insights contribute to a better understanding of 1) the shifting and multiple roles of news media in small, (post)colonial societies, and 2) the way historical and global dynamics, such as (de)colonization, commercialization, and digitalization, intersect with local news media cultures. 

Sanne graduated cum laude in Humanistics at the University for Humanistic Studies, Utrecht. As a research intern at Kosmopolis Institute, Sanne joined the Pluralism Knowledge Program working together with scholars, civil society and social activists from Indonesia, Uganda, India and the Netherlands on attaining in-depth knowledge on transformative spaces of inclusiveness and pluralism. Sanne’s research interests include cross-cultural knowledge, post/decolonial thought, reflexivity and positionality, perception and representation through (media)stories. The latter she explored during her master thesis research on processes of identification and differentiation in the conflict region of Jammu and Kashmir (India).

Her previous work experiences are in public sector consultancy and lecturing BA/MA seminars at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Selected Publications

Rotmeijer, S. (2018) Words that Work? Practices of Constructive Journalism in a local Caribbean context. Journalism, first published online (April 25, 2018):  https://doi.org/10.1177/1464884918770555

Suransky, C., Van het Klooster, H. & S. Rotmeijer (2010) ‘Het kosmopolitische ethos van het pluraal-performatief denken’, in: Tijdschrift voor Humanistiek, 43-44 (11)

Rotmeijer, S. (2010) ‘Standing in Complexity: Positions on Diversity and Conflict‘, Master thesis, University for Humanistic Studies

Blog Posts

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